Industry Knowledge and Expertise that can Solve the Biggest Business Challenges

To empower businesses with meaningful and actionable data insights, our team of business intelligence experts work around the latest developments, trends, needs and challenges in several industries. With a cumulative experience of several decades in dealing with the nuances of a specific industry, we understand the needs and challenges in the industry’s value chain. Our expertise can help you drive faster business growth and create outstanding customer experiences.

Transform your business by leveraging our industry-specific knowledge and expertise across several industries


Healthcare industry today is undergoing massive disruption. Whether you are a healthcare provider, health insurance company, or life sciences organization, you have to successfully manage through ongoing disruption by adopting the latest innovations and advancements. At the same time, you have to reduce healthcare costs while improving clinical outcomes, quality and patient satisfaction and be on the path of profitable growth. We understand what it takes to strike that balance.

Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

In the era of digitization and Fintech, the banking, financial, and insurance sector is facing several challenges in the areas of compliance, globalization, consolidation, competition, client service, cost-effectiveness and approachability. The ability to analyze past, present and real-time data and measure business performance is no longer optional for banking, insurance and financial organizations. We can help you achieve deep actionable insights into customer experience, product performance, operations, marketing and more.

Retail & FMCG

Retail & FMCG industry is one of the fastest-growing industries that is highly customer-centric. With extensive industry knowledge about this domain, we can help you get actionable insights in several areas of retail business operations like strategic buying, distribution and warehousing, store operations, merchandize planning and management, customer experience management, channel sales management and more. Our business intelligence solutions provide smart and insightful information through high impact analytics models.


Our expertise across various manufacturing setups can help you get actionable insights related to efficiencies and productivity improvements, inventory optimization, product and customer portfolio optimization, capacity planning, etc. Further, from supply chain management to sales management, such insights may help you streamline operations, improve productivity, eliminate inefficient business processes in manufacturing and reduce overall operational costs.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising industry calls for a lot of data analysis to understand customer needs, to innovate, and measure cost and outcomes. Our team of expert business intelligence professionals are well versed with the nuances of the marketing and advertising industry to help you get the best out of your data analysis efforts.


BI has become the top priority for telecom enterprises. Telecom companies are using meaningful business information to detect significant events, discover new business scenarios, and predict business situations. Our business intelligence solutions can help telecom companies to get insights into the network business intelligence to streamline network assets, user experience, customer retention, marketing and sales, customer relationship management and more.


Schools and universities are expected to do more with less. Today, just like any other organization, they are required to produce reports for the stakeholders. This may take significant time and resources. Our business intelligence solutions help educational institutions deliver faster and cost-effective data-based insights to track academic outcomes and student experience, administrative effectiveness and efficiency, workforce management and much more.

Transportation and Logistics

Get useful business information about various aspects of your transportation and logistics business like storage, supply chain management, warehousing and distribution, freight forwarding, shipment, etc. With data insights, optimize and improve the activities of managing staff, forwarding agents, drivers and workers for better business outcomes and growth.

Energy & Utilities

Our experts, who understand the energy and utilities sector, focus on its unique BI needs with an aim to consistently deliver quantifiable results. They work closely with you to help you get useful insights from the data pertaining to assets and inventory, operations management, field services, supply chain, stock & inventory, resource planning & tracking, billing, operational management and more. Such insights help in cost optimization, increasing operational efficacy, improving customer satisfaction and driving growth.

The scope of our services extends to many more industries including Travel & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Internet and Technology and many more.

Afterall, it is all about getting actionable insights from raw data for better business decisions.